Know More About Custom Coins

If there is an occasion where you want to gift something unique and personalized, custom coin will surely prove to be a great giveaway. These are also a fantastic choice for endorsements and advertising various commodities. Not only do these lend a touch of classiness but also serve as a decent investment option for the receiver.

The design of each involves intricate motifs and extreme preciseness which imparts to it an exquisite appeal. While looking for the perfect custom coin, one can be confused for choice between contemporary glossy finishes and the antique lacquer coating. Decent quality at reasonable prices are also available for those with a tight budget. But if it’s the quality you are looking for, then there are finest coins which display excellent craftsmanship. The quality of the metals can be adjusted according to the price since high value metals generate improved figure quality than the ones made from low quality metals. One also has an option to choose between gold and silver coins.

There are different types of custom coins depending on the occasion they are used at. These can be broadly classified into the following.

Military Coins (Challenge coins or Unit coins)

Armed forces require custom coins for a number of award ceremonies all around the globe. They refer to such coins as military coins (also called challenge coins or unit coins). These coins are a symbol of martial pride and respect for military personnel. All branches of military such as the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard hand over custom made coins to unit troops and personnel as a mark of their bravery and remarkable leadership. Exclusive military coins are also produced for Special Forces and Special Operations units at relatively lower prices.

Wedding coins

Rummaging around for an exclusive gift to give someone on their wedding? Custom Wedding coins are just the thing for such an occasion. Gifting customised wedding coins shows that you took pains to come up with something unique for them. Though wedding coins are relatively less expensive than many other gift options but the fine quality of a coin will give an impression that you spared no expenditure.

Business coins

Be it business events, charity events, private group occasions or non-profit events, there are custom coins for every function. Business coins can be used as coupons to catch the attention of customers or in place of a paper business card or to accentuate a particular event or product. Personalised logos or names can be embossed on these coins to make them stand out in the crowd.